It happens as rarely as a solar eclipse. I woke up in a kick ass mood. A take no prisoners, sassy attitude, stilletto rocking good mood. A conquer this world and six just like it by noon kinda mood. The sun is blazing outside in all its own sexiness. I listen to the office chit chat just long enough to know in order to maintain my mood the iPods gotta come out!

I slide through a crazy montage of music that has no business being in the same folders together and my mood increases to the point where I feel I may explode with a giddiness. I had lunch outside at a little Greek place with a dear friend of mine. It seems today, the things that have been haunting me have fled in the sunlight. My skin feels new. I may be radiating, watch out.

Something’s in the air today. It may be the summer on the horizon, the fact that there is adventure in my weekend, maybe even the simplicity in the fact that my skins been sun-kissed lately. Regardless, I feel like a FUCKING ROCK STAR today…. so back me up while I do this cover on the air guitar!!!