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Summer time is rolling in and I could shout from the rooftops how happy that makes me. It’s already 75 degrees when I leave the house in the morning. 🙂 This girl likes it hot! Born in Cali, raised in Florida… what else did you expect? But that’s not what this post is about. The girls had their last day of school yesterday. Little bittersweet for me to be honest. Hailey just finished 5th grade. She’s moving on to middle school, which is odd because I remember middle school like it was yesterday. Middle school is a horrible set of insecure years. BLEECCKKK.

This weekend we are headed to St. Louis to visit family we haven’t seen in quite awhile! The girls will be leaving from there to spend the summer with their dad in Colorado. Standing here on the edge of summer, I can already see the things in store for us, and I am excited and yet already a little tired! We have tubing trips, a weekend in Memphis, 4th of July in Destin, Florida… and who knows what else coming up…. oh yea… MY BIRTHDAY. 🙂 How did I forget that?

Last night I took the girls out for our last little soiree of sorts before they leave. Faith’s guitar teacher was playing at a little sports bar so we went and watched the band and ate dinner out. They are already looking so much older than I can stand! I’m not sure when they started growing up. But I wish they would slow down, because I have yet to decide WHAT I WANT TO BE when I grow up… let alone watch them go off and become something.

Everything changes it seems.

Russell’s oldest daughter Danielle will be having a baby in June. She is glowingly beautiful, yet I look at her and think, GIRL! You’re so young!! What are you doing? But she’s older than I was when I had Hailey. SELF!!! WHAT WAS I DOING???? 🙂

Eras… they keep starting over. Strange like that. All my favorite music seems stuck in an era as well. I used to laugh at my parents, or my uncle because they seemed stuck in a music generation (although they listened to new stuff all of their favorites were from their generation) now I find the path is the same for me. 90s music is just my favorite. It’s. That. Simple. But what makes that happen? 

I know this blog has bounced around a lot. I apologize. Heading into Memorial Day weekend is always reflective for me. I learned today that our city newspaper is shutting down to printing only 3 times a week. The newspaper is going away. Giving way to modern media. End of an era. Wow.

This picture is just friggin funny. And I had no way to add it in, so I’ve been saving it for one of those days I rambled aimlessly. You know as kind of a reward for reading this far.