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Awwwww shhhii.. short-eey!! I’m on a boat… rapping… not raping. With my flippie floppies.

Yes, that title is interesting. It is interesting because the first time I read it, I thought it said RAPPING… but it doesn’t… it says raping. And it is the key words someone Googled that brought them to my blog.

I am fairly certain I have never blogged about a boat rapping, or raping… with or without the champagne. Sorry to dissapoint you ya sick fuck!

That peaked my curiousity though. How else are you crazy readers finding me? These were my oddest KEY WORD results:

Don’t even think about it, last time you screwed up Cupid!

Cupid. Get the F#$% away from me, you’ve never done me any favors. Loser.

I hate Teddy Bears.

I just want to take this teddy bear and wash him up and make him pretty again. Nope, I’m not a teddy bear hater. Sorry peeps.

Optimistic Toyota Prius

Hey, to each their own. If you want to drive a Prius go for it. You’ll never catch this girl in one. Ever. Or with a guy that drives one. Ever.

How to bake Xanax into brownies

Brownies that satisfy on all levels. If you figure it out, let me know. I will post your recipe. Completely anon though, no worries!

This is my serious scrutinizing face… come on readers, boat raping? Ewww! Who googles that?

And last but not least:  Will sex give me a more positive outlook?

HmmmmmWell, I’ve got to admit if you have to Google that one, I am guessing that you aren’t having sex at all. If you were, you would notice it is directly connected into your outlook, be it negative or positive. But I digress, best of luck to your… outlook.The only one of these that I could not tie to me in any way shape or form is the one about Teddy Bears. I’ve never hated a teddy bear a day in my life. Oh and the boat raping bit. But just in case anyone ever searches for these topics again, I wanted to give them somewhere to look. Cheers to my crazy readers. Crazy people need loving too!Until next time, Xanax or Running Shoes?