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We all watched the childhood version that Disney put out half a century ago. There’s a fair maiden, some dwarves, a mean queen, a prince, chipper forest creatures, and a lot of annoying singing. Snow White is hands down one of the lamest of the “Princess” collection. It must be tough being in battle to be the “fairest” of them all. Vomit.

But this year’s release of Snow White and the Huntsman changed that for me. Director Rupert Sanders created a dark realm that transported your mind back to those dark day tales that were used to scare children hundreds of years ago. The scenery was dark, the characters were dirty, and for a split second you feel like you may have landed in a Peter Jackson film. The special effects were done very well. The queen shatters into glass, and birds, and several other things through out that leave you feeling like that actually just happened. Difficult to achieve to say the least.

Snow White is played by Kristen Stewart (whom I have a hard time watching on-screen since her pathetic role as Bella in Twilight). When I first saw her on-screen I was immediately disappointed because I can’t stand watching her perform (and I hadn’t actually looked much into the movie before going to see it). I was dazed by her performance. She transported me into her character, I cared for her, I wanted to see her success. She was head strong and determined to regain her throne.

Charlize Theron was intimidating as the evil queen Ravenna. She was cruel and demanded that her subjects bow down.  It wasn’t some hidden idea that leaves you wondering why no one revolted. She showed us why on several occasions. She nailed “evil bitch” with one hand tied behind her back. I. Was. Scared. As far as beauty goes, hers was flawless and appeared effortless, following the traditional story line. But then you realize she is maintaining her youth by sucking the souls out of the townswomen. That was bad ass.

Chris Hemsworth essentially played Thor, without the Hammer and the cape, which was incredibly sexy to watch. He plays the barbaric huntsman that stumbles through his days drunk on wine and pining away for his dead wife. The only time his hard exterior cracks is when his wife is mentioned and as desired it leaves the audience at his beck and call.

The movie wasn’t the best movie of the summer. It won’t win any awards. It may not break even with its budget. However, to be a remake of a classic tale that no one has ever really given two damns about? It was fantastically done. It was dark and moody and finally cast Snow White as a heroine that you could wrap your mind around versus her normal talk to animals and hang out with 7 dwarves demeanor that interests no one.  I give it 2.5 out of 4 stars.  Solid B movie.