So I’m reading some discussion board question/answers in a marketing class and I  feel my IQ pour out of my ear, down my neck and into my desk chair. These people will soon have a Master’s degree in Business. Then I look at where America stands on the corporate scale. Big. Shocker.

Let me explain. We have to create and market a product. We have to explain the product/service and plan out its goals for a year. These products are supposed to be feasible. Realistic. Do-ABLE.

I’m reading one of the marketing plans. It’s for a weight loss scale that talks to you. Once you step on it, it knows you personally and can plan out what meals you should eat for the rest of the day. It knows how many carbs you’ve had thus far. It knows if you have CHEATED on your diet plan. It plans your whole meal structure for you for the rest of the day. They can be placed in restaurants too. (Of course help you determine what you should eat while you are there). OF COURSE.

Great. A fucking MEAL-GENIE-SCALE that knows what the fuck I should have for dinner. That knows I had a Snickers bar on the drive home from work. And ALL by me placing my feet upon it. Brought to you by the future business leaders of America boys and girls.