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If you’ve been following along with me for a while, you know that my parents are going through a divorce. You also know that yesterday was my birthday. It was a great day. I got cards from my Momma, my in-laws, my sister, my hubby… I had a desk covered in confetti and Tim Tebow pictures at work, Facebook messages out the you know what, and at least a dozen phone calls, the girls called from Colorado to sing to me… I was feeling pretty darn spectacular. I love that when my friends and family see June 27th on the calendar, for a split moment in time… they think about me. I know I do that for my friends and family, so I’ve always assumed, when they see the date, they think…aww that’s Jeanna’s day!

Now on to the hostile part… I never heard from my dad. I don’t know why this shocked me. He’s been in his own world for the last several months. I feel like through all of this crap, I’ve been trying to … I don’t know… just keep an open mind I guess, even though I am really crushed that they split up. I’ve stayed cordial to him, I listen to him, I defend him to my siblings… and HE forgets MY birthday?

So I waited until this morning to text him and say:

Me:  ….you know dad…. yesterday was my birthday.

Dad: Don’t be mad at me, I knew there was a reason that number was sticking in my brain yesterday.

Me: My dad’s never forgotten my birthday.

Dad: Ok. Don’t beat me up. I love you.


He didn’t apologize. He didn’t say happy late birthday. He just forgot. Not only did he forget… but the number stood out to him yesterday and HE COULDN’T PLACE WHY??? The number was sticking in my head yesterday? UMMM…. Maybe because your oldest child was born on that date? Maybe because for the last 30 years you’ve celebrated this date with your wife and your family? Oh… that’s right…. you forgot about us. That’s FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC.

 I appreciate the childhood memories I have with you, and some of my grown ones too… but I am afraid I see the future flailing. To be honest, I already miss you.