“Well there’s something in the way you laugh, and it makes me feel like a child,”  Jason Mraz.

It’s been one of those time periods… you know the ones… they make you think, make you reflect, make you angry, and make you glad. One thing I keep coming back to is the world just doesn’t slow down.

My brother is in the Air Force and stationed half way across the globe in Korea… his wife and him just had a baby girl today. She’s beautiful and rosey cheeked.

I think about all the people that are in my life, and no matter the struggles each of them are facing, I am truly grateful for all of them. For the friends I have, and even the ones I have lost… I am grateful.

Maybe all the new babies in the family lately is leaving me feeling hopeful… maybe it’s just the fact that it’s finally FRIDAY. Regardless, I am a happy girl today.