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  It seems that this world spins faster than it should have the right to sometimes. The end of August is present and as I stand here looking into the summer that just cartwheeled through I’m left with a strange longing that I don’t know how to identify. Back in April I stalked Ticketmaster.com waiting for Jason Mraz tickets to go on sale at 10 am so that I could buy them. I’ve never waited for tickets to go on sale like that before. Last Wednesday, August 22, was the concert.

Jason Mraz. In person. 6th row seats. Nashvegas. Me and my best friend Francine. (you can check her out here).

I was beside myself for this show. Ecstatic. He didn’t disappoint me in the least, matter of fact….. ahhh nevermind you guys don’t need to know all that. So without further adieux (okay, I thought I spelled that word wrong and I was going to make a joke about it, but it spell checked right…. weird.)…. here are some pics from our overnight trip to Nashville.

Yes, this is a sincere, Christmas Morning smile of mine. If I had smiled any bigger my cheeks may have cracked.

One of my favorite people on the planet Francine was a mediocre fan of Jason’s when we got to the concert. She left in love. Really. He had to get a restraining order. It was messy.

Music City, a.k.a. Nashville, or Nashvegas as Mraz kept calling it is a lot of fun, great food, wonderful people, and a lot of that southern hospitality.

Perma grin in place, I think we were two drinks in and ready to head into the Bridgestone Arena.

Yes, I stood in line with all the little teenie boppers that think his only song is “I’m Yours,” just to have this photo taken. Sigh.

Then, just like that… Jason Mraz was there. Funny, charming, full of charisma…. and we were dancing and singing and damn happy to be alive.

All of a sudden I am 6 rows away and I hate the camera on my phone. I am cussing the camera. Cussing it because I own a Nikon. I own a thousand dollar camera and I’m caught here, taking pictures with this mickey mouse project.

He is one with his instrument. Period.


We left this concert bigger, larger than I can explain. To be truly inspired by another person is a gift never to be taken for granted, because it happens so rarely anymore. Jason Mraz was inspiring. I walked out of there different from when I went in, and I don’t know that there’s any bigger compliment to give an artist. I was affected. Thanks Jason!