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It’s hard to wrap your mind around life. As I drive down the freeway headed to work, the sun splits the sky apart and I feel covered in grace. Everyday seems a struggle toward some sort of understanding of some sort of something… we’re always coming or going. Standing on the edge of something bigger or standing on the edge because we’re at the end. Suddenly I feel grateful just to stand. The sun beckons me. It dances across my dashboard and then slides behind a cloud. My mind floods with a million times I’ve looked to the sun. It’s constant reminder. The days keep coming, and the days keep going. It just pauses for nothing. Watching things happen around me. Marriages fail, babies are born, people moving, children growing, weddings, last breath. Everything is spinning. The sun is sliding. Things are good, bad, indifferent… they all play their part, these roles in the kaleidoscope of life. They leave tattoos on your mind.