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Two days ago I published a blog called 2012: The Year of the Roller Coaster. I received a comment back on that blog that I was simply going to respond to, but then the odds of everyone else getting to read it decreased by 6000% so I figured, what the hell… let’s use it as a new blog.

The comment came from my Uncle, who probably should have been my brother…and maybe is in some strange lateral universe. He’s the jokester, the fun uncle, the one you never take seriously until that moment you just know you are supposed to be taking him seriously. He is a huge Comic Book Movie blogger, much beloved by his fan base, and a loyal Xanax reader. If you love Comic Book movies, check him out HERE!  Without further ado, his comment:

“Forever seems a stupid word to me these days, and people who throw it out there make me want to scream. Don’t say you want to be with me forever. Tell me you want to be with me today. Tomorrow. And then live today so that I will be there tomorrow.”

There in lies the problem. People let the word “forever” fall out of their mouths to give the moment gravity, without ever actually thinking to themselves about any of the other words that have always gone hand in hand with it. They forget that letting that little, bitch of a word loose, also connotes “commitment,” “honesty, “trust,” (no, honesty and trust are not the same, one is rewarded by the other) and responsibility.

Responsibility….by far, the least romantic word in the bunch, is possibly, the most important. Once the word “forever” comes out of somebody’s mouth, they take on the responsibility to do exactly what you described in closing. “live today so that I will be there tomorrow.” And yet, most people are so fickle, they get caught up in everything they don’t or could have. They lose interest because today wasn’t much fun. Then, days like that get in line and stretch on for months until the irresponsible, self indulging, individual completely forgets what “forever” means, as well of the gravity the word posses. For that matter, most forget the word ever came out of their mouth at all.

Watch the sun rise and set kiddo. Don’t worry about those you can’t get close to (they are simply passing by) and hold tight to those you can (they will live inside you as long as you draw breath.).


I wanted to repost that response, because I think he is dead on. “Most forget the word ever came out of their mouth at all.” It seems there’s always these stipulations, “Well I meant it when I said it, but you changed, I’m not happy anymore, what I want is different now.” He’s right, we’re fickle. We’re selfish by nature. If I’ve learned anything through this, it’s to be much more careful with my words. Spewing random shit from your mouth, in the moment,  will only prove you a liar later on. No one’s word means anything anymore, and that’s because we don’t chose our words more carefully.

As for you dear Uncle, thank you for all of the comments, I read yours over and over again.