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First I would like to send my prayers and thoughts to the families in Connecticut. I cannot fathom standing in your shoes.

Secondly, I would like to address the oodles, hundreds, thousands… of people that are ready to make guns illegal across our nation.

I’ve listened to the debates. I hear how you try to rationalize it. How you claim that getting rid of guns and making them illegal will somehow end tragedies like this forever.

I just want to put a few thoughts out there.

I am pretty sure it was illegal for him to shoot his mother.

It was illegal for him to steal her guns.

It was illegal for him to go on school property with a weapon.

It was illegal for him to shoot 26 people.

It was illegal for him to commit suicide.

How many mass shootings have happened by the original registered owner of the weapon?

Who is the always the target? Unarmed and innocent victims.

If we unarm the nation, the law abiders, the good, the just… that only leaves weapons in the hands of those that care nothing of the law. Seems a pretty fucking simple answer to me. But then, I am armed, and I will stay that way. Because I don’t trust anyone else to protect my family like I will.