Hello readers, remember me? I know, I know… it’s been way too long. My deepest apologies for falling out of cyberspace (which, let me assure you, is a very long fall).

Things in our world have been pretty crazy lately! We added 3 people to our household right after Christmas. My sister and her two (pain in the butt) beautiful children moved in with us. She is just moving to Alabama from Florida, and trying to get her bearings and things situated while she finds a house in the area. This has provided many wonderful nights of board games, gab sessions with my sister, a new shopping buddy, and cousins for the girls to torture. For the most part, it’s been win/win.

It also came with her two kiddos starting at a new daycare here, which has so far provided our household with every type of stomach bug, common cold, flu, pneumonia…. you name it… in the last month and a half. Wheew Whoooo.

But the reasons I haven’t written go deeper than this. For awhile I had a blog stalker… well to be honest, I probably still do. My blog used to be a place where I went to share something quippy, sassy, ranty (yes that’s a word), or just put my voice out there. I know it’s not my own private journal, which by being public opens it up to douche bag readers… but it has been a major turn off for me. As soon as I realized I needed to block this jerk-face reader, they just come back with a different screen name and comment as someone else. I realized they’re the same person because they can’t spell the same words… over and over again. So not only are they a douche, they’re also stupid. Great. Everyone needs a stupid douche in their life.

So after a month or two of down time, I think I am ready to just put my big girl pants on, and ignore them, because my blog has nearly 250 followers and I really don’t feel like starting over. This is my space. I pay for it! SO HA!

Now… back to your regularly scheduled programming.

More to come from Xanax.