You know that road you pass by everyday? The one you’ve never been down? The one that leaves you wondering as you keep on your same weary beaten path, what if? Could you turn the car right and drive into another life? You won’t. You won’t because by the time you hit your own driveway, you won’t even remember the 30 minute drive that just brought you home. You’ll snap out of a daze and realize that you can hardly remember how you got from your desk to your front door. It’s monotonous. It’s ludicrous. Yet we do it all again. And again.

I dream of running through the fields, and soaring with the birds. They tell me to be thankful for my job. So many have nothing. I feel guilty for wanting more. I feel ashamed that I am insatiable. I am a blessed woman, with an amazing family and beautiful home. But I need to breathe. I need to see what’s down that road. I want to explore the world, before the human race destroys it.

Do you ever get caught up in the fact that days just keep going by? They don’t slow down. Time just marches through. And not to get caught up in the whole YOLO crap, but dammitman… the only thing you can’t put a price on is time. It damn sure doesn’t come back. The only time it ever slows down is when you’re sitting in a meeting, or at your desk wishing you could go home.  Then when you get there it goes from 5 pm to 10 pm in the blink of an eye? WTF is that???

Ahhhh, I’m ranting and I know it. I’m ranting because I can smell spring, it’s busting through the dreary gray of winter and it smells like HOPE. Nothing is more intoxicating than the smell of opportunity. So with that, I will leave you…. leave the traffic and the rat race…. I’m headed off course!