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paulaThey keep telling us we are a racist country. They keep throwing it out there at Paula Deen. At the right side. At whoever happens to be standing around really. Problem is, who are they? Who keeps playing the race card? And why in 2013 does it seem like it always comes back to a black vs. white issue? The United States is covered in all colors, genders, and religions. Are there still people who think they are above others? Sure. Everyone has a certain amount of racism in them, they can deny it to the moon if they want to, but it’s true. It’s what you do with your preconceived notions and stereotypes that matter.

Truth is, as long as the government keeps asking us what race we are, what gender we are, and what we believe in… it will continue to divide us. Don’t feel like all races get equal voting rights? (I’m sure our deployed men and women in uniform can definitely relate, you don’t see them saying their being discriminated against…but I digress). Voting locations should be solely based on an area’s population total (regardless of race). If you live in the middle of nowhere Alabama, you may have to drive 20 minutes to a polling location. I’m sorry, is that an inconvenience? This freedom that you maintain where you have the ability to choose the leader of our country?

I digress. Again. Because this could easily tangent and spider off in a thousand directions. Let’s get back to Paula Deen. In 2007 she had an idea for an old school Southern Wedding, complete with black servers at the wedding in white tuxedos. This is racist. Apparently. If she were shooting a movie, would it then be okay to accurately reflect old school southern ways? Do you think she was going to pay them to work the wedding? Or do you think maybe she enslaved them for the weekend? Held them against their will? Was she planning to talk down to them then entire weekend and tell them to only respond with, “yes, massa?”

I really don’t think so.

You want to talk about race problems, let’s talk the school in Georgia that still has black and white proms, and who knows where the Asian kids are supposed to go on prom night. That’s right, that is a SCHOOL. Who runs our school systems? The government. The same people so adamantly trying to destroy any single person that says something that could be twisted into negative racist remarks. They’re still segregating kids in schools.

Let’s talk about how they’ve allowed Muslims to pray in inner city Washington D.C. schools, after abolishing prayer in school time and time again for the Christian kids, the Jewish kids, the Catholic kids, the Mormon kids.

They are the one’s that want us to stand apart from each other and point fingers into the crowd, instead of back into their own faces. America is the biggest melting pot of people on Earth. Are there going to be people who don’t get along? Yes. Does that mean racism is like a cancer on our society? Our government would like for us to think so.

What do you think?