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Last night, we’re sitting at the dinner table. The 8 of us. If you didn’t know that there are now 8 of us, let me back track for a moment. At the beginning of this year (yes 2013)…(and yes, I know it’s been eons since I have blogged) my sister and her two children moved in with us. Then this summer, my step son Ryan also moved in with us. Now there are 8 people in the house; Russell, myself, Hailey (12), Faith (10), Ryan (15), Chelsi (25), Elizabeth (5), and Anthony Jr (3).  Pshhheeewww!!!!

So we are sitting at the dinner table, and we are playing the high and low game, where I ask everyone what the best part of their day was, and then the worst part. When it gets around to Faith, she has 3 worst parts of her day to explain. As she’s explaining the last part, she’s telling a story about having a substitute bus driver, and apparently he is the biggest idiot in the world, and won’t let them talk the whole bus ride, and people that do talk get their names written down, but the name takers are not allowed to stand up, therefore they have to take names from sitting down in their seats, and… “HOW ON EARTH ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TAKE ACCURATE NAMES, SITTING IN OUR SEATS???” she practically screams the last part at us, as she’s close to hysterics.

Now to say Faith is dramatic… isn’t an accurate word for her. She’s more of a… perfectionist. And she hates change.

Russell finds her outburst funny, and as he is getting up from the table he exclaims, “Good Lord child, you have problems with authority, just like your mother.”

I’m innocently eating my pizza at the other end of the table, and nearly choke on my food as my sister errupts into laughter and agrees with a, “That’s no joke, no doubt who she gets that from!”

Now wait just a second here…. me? Problems with authority? Excuse me?

There’s laughter coming from everyone now, even the 3 year old thinks it’s funny. My eyes are rolling. The only one at the table that looks slightly as annoyed as I feel, is Faith. Once they catch on that I am not quite on the same page they are, Russell wipes the tears of laughter from his cheeks and starts to explain.

“You are always bucking the system, if your boss tells you to do something, you always super analyze the why’s and how comes.”

Chelsi joins in on the banter, “You never just do something because you’re told to, there’s always a million questions, and the reasons have to make sense to you before you will do it.”

I sit there and think on this for a moment. And I let the argument pass. If they see me as having a problem with authority, I am okay with that. Yes, I will always ask why, and how come. I will never do something solely because I was told to. I’m not a puppet. And just because someone with “authority” told me to do something, doesn’t mean that I should, or that I am going to. So maybe I do. Maybe I am proud to look across the table at my daughter that feels the same way. That won’t sit down, just because she was told to. Sure, there’s a time and place… but every single day this world grows stranger and darker, and I’m glad she’s not following the other sheep to slaughter without at least asking why.