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Spoiled rotten little American kids, they whine, complain, and stomp their feet to get what they want. I’ve figured out what has happened. I am about to give you all the answers. People keep saying generations keep going softer, and softer, and softer. But what’s different? What has happened?

Divorce. Divorce is what is destroying the people of our country. Okay, now hear me out, because I know you are all rolling your eyes.

60 years ago, the divorce rate was practically non-existent. However, in the time since, it’s gone to nearly 3 out of every 4 marriages will end in divorce. Those statistics are enough to make most, not even want to bother. Now how is this affecting the country?

Well, when couples divorce there are many things that happen after that point:
1. Kids lose their tiers of stability and become untrusting of long-term things.
2. Kids develop pent-up aggression that they do not know how to relieve themselves of.
3. Parents remarry, possibly into relationships where other kids are present.
4. Now kids have step siblings that they are supposed to act like blood relatives towards, that they aren’t.
5. Kids hierarchy structures are changed, oldest kids can become the youngest, or a middle child at random casting.
6. Parents weaken their discipline practices because they cannot understand the contempt and hatred in their childs face.
7. Parents have a hard time disciplining other people’s children, either punishing them to extremes, or not at all.
8. These kids grow up, untrusting of relationships, go through their own divorces and the cycle repeats.
9. Parents, regardless of what they say or try to believe, will never be able to love all the kids equally.
10. Kids have learned to cope in this situation by manipulating parents feelings of guilt.

The family structure has been destroyed. There is no longer Christmas at Grandma’s house with your entire family… families now have 2, 3, sometimes 4 different Christmases. Kids have multiple birthdays, so they can celebrate with all of their removed family. They get whatever is on their list, because their parents fight over trying to provide the best presents so that they can feel a little less guilty about destroying their child’s faith in….well faith in just about everything.

People have become to used to losing in-laws. People are no longer attached, to their people anymore. If you aren’t happy, you can just leave. If you don’t like these people, you can just find new people. They walk away. They quit. They give up. Give in. Don’t give at all.

I’ve done this. I walked away. Now I’ve been in a relationship for 8 years that includes step children for me. I’ve watched my own parents divorce, and realized that even at 32 years old, you’re still ever the child when it comes to what is happening between parents. You think you know, you think you understand things. But the truth is, the melt down of the country is starting inside every home on every cul-de-sac in the U.S.A.