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claireSince I began reading Outlander a few weeks ago; my brain has been wrapped around the characters, my mouth has been pouring out words like “Aye” and “Lassie”, my dreams have been filled with plush green rolling hills, castle stone, and cinnamon colored hair.

claire2Aye. I’ve fallen madly in love. Not just with Jaime Fraser, but with Scotland and 18th century history. I find my ears longing for the celtic song that plays during the beginning of the show and the dialect of the actors. Sometimes I can’t even make out exactly what they are saying, but I know that I want them to say it again and closer to my ear.

jamie2The love affair I’ve begun, I didn’t know was possible. I spent a few years living in England in my early 20s, and really was mildly impressed. When I consider more travel to Europe, I dream of Paris, Greece, and Italy. But not so any longer. Scotland has entranced me. Tangled me in a language of love and sat me down in the middle of war between clan and crown and I can never seem to get back to my book fast enough!

jamie3Claire is a fabulous female lead, she’s sturdy and stubborn. She loves without abandon and her faith in her ability to run headlong into trouble to save those she loves is such a breathe of fresh air compared to most female lead characters.


bothWhat a dream he is. Not in the typical, oh he’s gorgeous ways… (which of course he is) but he’s humble, soft, rough, stubborn. He’s a man in every aspect a woman could possibly want a man. One minute you want to shake him violently and the next you know exactly why she’s tangled up beside him.

I cannot wait to get home and read some more. I haven’t loved a book this much in a long, long time.