Lately, I see things, or hear things… and all I can think is, WTF world? The stupidity, the lameness, the lack of any emotional response at all, is rampant. It’s a fat kid with a big stack of pancakes and two gallons of syrup, artery clogging mess. And we just keep swallowing. And swallowing.

So ISIS has two Japanese kids that they want 200 million dollars for, from Tokyo or they are going to shoot them in the head. In Missouri a 5-year-old just shot his 9 month old little brother in the head with a 22. Paris wants to sue Fox News. Seth Rogan compares American Sniper to Nazi Germany. WTF WORLD?

Walking through the grocery store, listening to kids argue with their parents, watching their parents on the phone… playing games, checking Facebook, doing anything except dealing with that banshee of a child.

Scan through my kid’s friends on their phones and iPods, listen to the stories of high school drugs, sex, and craziness. Kids showing up to class on meth. Teachers and schools have padded the grading scale to the point that failure is damn near impossible. We will just dump these idiot children out into society at 18. Kids that thought they actually did pass school, because they did pull D’s, after their teacher gave them extra credit for the 27th time and forced them to do it. Which by the way, the extra credit assignment was simply signing a piece of paper, worth 200 point test grade.  WTF WORLD??

Entitlement. Oh dear Lord the entitlement. It’s vomit worthy. It’s nauseating.

I can’t stand the thought that tonight is another President Speech. No one cares. What the talking head says never seems to pan out. Change. Togetherness. Blah blah blah. Exhausting. Disgusting. Entitled. Sick of listening. Turn it off. Go play with my kids. Wait for the rapture. Or the zombies. Whatever, whichever. However. WTF world???