I am not very good at writing ABOUT ME’s… although my whole blog is really about me… weird, I know.

I am a day dreamer  that loves to paint with words. I love to travel, listen to all types of music, eat fantastically prepared food (from 5 star restaurants to amazing backyard BBQ), rant over silly things that get my blood pressure boiling, and veg out with a great book.

I live in Huntsville, Alabama yet I still call Florida home (it’s where I grew up).  The Gulf of Mexico is where I find the most solace. There’s nothing like the white sugar sand of the Gulf coast.

I started this blog when I was going through a separation from my husband, to help me vent and journal through the trials and tribulations of the experience. I’ve found I censor myself a lot, but maybe learning how to be more censored is what I am supposed to be doing anyway.

My dream is to one day leave corporate America and earn my living in the writing world. The greatest compliment I have received on my writing is this, “Jeanna you have the ability to say what we are all thinking in our minds but cannot communicate for ourselves.” There is no greater compliment as far as I am concerned, published or not. If it never happens from me, it won’t be because I didn’t try. 🙂


IMG_9896These are my daughters.. Hailey (age 15) and Faith (age 13) they are different as night and day, but without one the other just wouldn’t be the same.

Welcome to my blog, please enjoy!


33 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for commenting on my post! Your girls are darling. Love your vulnerability on your blog!

  2. What a lovely family

  3. Jeanna,

    So glad that you have this blog. It looks like I will be coming back lots to check all your great stories out. I tried posting on your “Italy or Bust” blog an dhad trouble. i thought I would just post it here. Thanks for stoping by and “Like” ing my last story.

    Italy or Bust –

    You could have been talking about any of the grandmothers who lived on my block and my own , as well. Those words, “If I had the chance, I would go to Italy” – ring in my ear like an old favorite song. This is a wonderful thing that is going to happen to you and you grandmother. All the best in your travels … safe journey…!!!


    P.S. Thanks for stopping by and reading my story on my blog called “Love and Rage ” …
    sign up for my future postings. I’d love to hear from you. ~~~ : – )

    • I loved your story, Love and Rage, thought it was very cute… and realistic… I could feel the frustration. Thank you for all of your sweet comments about Italy and my family… i cannot wait to travel with her to watch her expressions as she sees things that she thought were only every going to be seen on tv or in books by her.

  4. Thanks so much for hitting the “like” button on my post. I’ve learned the best part of blogging is discovering other blogs. I’m so glad you found mine because now I get to enjoy yours.

  5. Love your blog! If you want to get into writing look into Craigslist opportunities. You could have a serious career as a professional blogger!

  6. Lovely family and I’m so glad you sorted out your issues and are together building and growing your life together.

    Well done you!

  7. What a beautiful family, and I so agree that your friend’s compliment about your ability to write what others are struggling to express is the best ever!

  8. Hey Jeanna! Thanx for checking out my blog! I appreciate your support. I love your blog as well, I’ll be subscribing.

    All the best,

  9. Androgoth said:

    You say that you’re not so good with the ‘About’ page but I have certainly enjoyed reading yours, mine on the other hand is extremely lacking but you should still call over and take a look inside My Gothic Realm as I am sure that there will be something in there that will whet your appetite, well maybe? 🙂 lol

    I will be calling back later to take a journey through your world of blogging, and I hope that you will call by too, whenever you have the opportunity of course? 🙂 Do have a wondrously exquisite rest of day and a lovely evening also 🙂


  10. how funny is this … I follow you over from “counting ducks” who lives overseas, and you live around the corner from me. Haha — I live in Birminham. 🙂 hello neighbor

  11. Jeanna , thank you very much for subscribing to my blog, i have done the same on yours and look forward to getting your posts, Harry

  12. I’ve really enjoyed your Blog and meeting you throught it this year so I’m stopping by to wish you a very happy Christmas

  13. I’m trying to piece together so many events to catch up on your whirlwind life. But what stands out is your strength, determination, and honesty.

    • Awww thank you, that is truly flattering. My life is kind of a mess, but blogging it out really helps keep me going. I am glad you stopped by and visited!

  14. Valeria Toscano said:

    Lady, I was looking for themes and blogs about life just to see how much I’m reflected on them. As you and many of us, I’m trying to express myself trough the blog writing. Writing and the behave of the human comunication is my passion, as much as the breeding of my two daughters (7 and 9 years). I’ve found today your blog. Definitly with the necessary spark to pick me up to go through your magic world. I’m preparing myself to my own adventure. I’ll invite you later! All the best. From Buenos Aires, Valeria.

  15. I nominated you for the Best Liar award: http://wp.me/p1Cvgh-CN

  16. Hello and congratulations! You’ve just been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. I do enjoy reading your posts. There is no pressure to take part, but if you wish to know what it entails, click on: http://beingalivetoday.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/294/.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. I think I already congratulated you, but it bears repeating:

    In the “better late than never” category, please accept my congratulations on your remarkable entry in Dark Globe’s photo contest. Judging was a very difficult job. Your award is so well-deserved and I’m delighted that your work and talent was enjoyed by many, many people.


  18. Hi Jeanna. Nice blog. Thanks for stopping by Thefirstgates.

  19. lauraelaro said:

    Love your blog title. Looking forward to reading your stories.

  20. Hey, I was just given this funny little “award” and thought I’d pass it along to you – as you are one of my regular reads 🙂


  21. I nominated you for a blog award! You can find out the details here… http://narcissistsblog.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/beautiful-blogger-award/
    Congratulations Lovely!

  22. I gave you an award: http://wp.me/p1Cvgh-1DG

  23. Had to pop by and wish you a happy 2013. Yo0u’ve always been one of my favourite Bloggers and I always wish you well

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