Music means the world to me. It affects everything about who I am. I am a lyrical junkie, but I also love a great beat too. I am completely blown away by some artists pure raw talent, when you get to see them being WHO they are through their music. I do not have any musical talents what-so-ever…. except for maybe the fact that I truly appreciate this art form.

I write posts on music all the time, and this is where I will keep an archive of my music posts.

I hope you enjoy them!

Anthem  5/20/2011


5 thoughts on “Music”

  1. I lve music to. When you see great musicians totally at home wth their instruments and expressing the hell out of themselves it’s one of the most liberating experiences

  2. I hate music.

  3. I love music too! Especially movie soundtracks I have a collection of them on my blog tab page. I look foward in reading your posts about it:)

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