Faith Lynne

Faith Lynne Good is my youngest daughter (she’s 7).  She is the polar opposite of her sister. When I say polar… I mean it. Faith is charming, social, popular, fashionista, competitive, athletic, lover of all things purple, and a daddy’s girl.

She is Obsessive Compulsive…. for real. Her room is organized. She has a place for everything. All 600 of her teddy bears have a location and she knows if one is missing. Her closet stays color coordinated. She wears scarves and bangle bracelets to school… on Tuesdays….just because she can. She loves music, “Taylor Swift is her biggest fan”… according to Faith (I am hoping the fact that she says it backwards, actually pans out for her one day).

If Faith has a fault, it’s that she cares too much. What other people think about her, it bothers her. She’s very trusting, she puts her heart out there every time. She’s romantically whimsical already, Disney Princesses be damned, Faith’s Prince Charming will trump them all. She’s very dramatic, every scratch, every nick to the knee… it’s earth stopping… life altering.

She happens to have a 6th sense for someone so young. Faith knows when others are hurting. She “sees” it. She can feel it… and feel it she does. It wraps around her very core. Her hugs are the softest yet strongest thing that I have in my day. This child loves me, and regardless… she doesn’t complain about the choices I make. She looks to me as a constant and that is what she depends on.

Her name, was chosen perfectly… she is a daily reminder for me… that the softer side is a reality in a cruel world. I know that her light touches all who ever have the blessing of meeting her.


1 thought on “Faith Lynne”

  1. That is so beautiful and very true Jeanna. I love it.

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