Hailey Marie

Hailey Marie Good is my oldest daughter. She is a 10-year-old walking fire cracker. She’s witty, sarcastic, beautiful, shy, small for her age, loud and obnoxious around people she knows, curious about everything, loves gymnastics, art, and designing anything.

She also has Attention Deficit Disorder. This is a challenge to the very core of my character and a blessing in its own right. She’s defiant, can lie straight-faced, and manipulate things. But she’s loyal and compassionate towards anyone she’s taken a liking to. In school she’s gifted, her grades are off the charts. She never studies… or seems to ever have a shred of homework. Her backpack slightly resembles the city dump and she feels the need to draw with Sharpie all over her clothes and shoes.

But that is who she is. It is not who I am. This has made us bump heads a lot in this parent / child relationship. I’ve learned I have to pick my battles. Her drawing on her clothes, is how she sets herself apart, and aren’t I always trying to make sure my children know it’s ok to be different? I know that I do not want my kids to be like everyone else’s… the pushovers, the ones victim to all peer pressure.

Hailey has been forever my teacher. It’s funny that children look up to you to provide them all that they need, but they never realize that it is them, that are teaching us…. that before them, we too were merely children. We had no real valid responsibilities. Hailey’s name means “hero”…. and she has been mine. Through so many trials in my life, I have run to her…. and held her, finding solace in the fact that I knew that she alone loved me…. and it was always enough to get me through.

This child is emotionally tough. She’s withstood much in her very short time on earth. All I can hope is that I too have as much impact on her, as she has had on me.


3 thoughts on “Hailey Marie”

  1. LOVE IT! Hailey is very unquie that is for sure. I think it’s funny how both of your children are a mixture of me. Lol, even though they are yours. Maybe thats why I love them more than anything. I can see both our characters in them. lol. I know that sounds weird but it’s true.

  2. Bridget Baker said:

    Beautifully expressed!

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