I hate going anywhere without a camera. The second you step out of the house without one, you are guaranteed to run across the most amazing things you’ve ever laid eyes on that day. I shoot everything; landscapes, kids, animals, couples, elderly, buildings, cars…. you name it.

One of my favorite things to capture in time, is age. I love rusty things, flowers in their peak moment of perfection, puppies… photography to me is all about capturing a moment. An expression.  I also love to take a photo and pull out color and then add back in what my eye was seeing.

All of my photos are linked to me emotionally, or I don’t bother to take them. I shoot with a Canon Rebel, and a Canon Powershot, oh… and my iTouch when it’s my last resort.

My constant reminder to seize the moment. This barn was burned down today.








6 thoughts on “Photography”

  1. I know how sad, every day i drive by it I think of this picture

  2. Today when I went by, it was still smouldering…. killed me.

  3. Okay, as a handgun enthusiast (Walthers mostly), I gotta ask—Glock?

  4. Okay, as a gun enthusiast (Walthers mostly) I gotta ask—Glock?

  5. The wheat, the lollipop, the birds, the carousel… They’re all gorgeous! Looking forward to following your blog, and getting to know you better. 🙂

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