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I had no more set my coffee on my desk and fired up the computer when my phone rang yesterday morning. My 11 year old is sobbing into the phone and I cannot understand a word she’s saying.

The school nurse gets on the phone.

“Ms. Holbrook your daughter has been sent to the office for wearing spandex. It is against school rules. She needs a change of clothes brought up here for her immediately,” the nurse explains.

I rewind my morning trying desperately to remember what Hailey was wearing when she left the house for school that morning. I see her everyday, I ok her outfits, what happened this morning? Then the image comes to me. I remember what she’s wearing.

Her capris look just like this but in pink.

“Isn’t she wearing little capris leggings underneath a pair of shorts and a t-shirt?” I ask.

“Yes but her leggings appear to be made out of spandex,” she retorts.

“Okay, well have her take them off and she can wear just her shorts,” I reply shortly.

“If she takes them off her shorts are too short to wear without anything underneath them,” she replies sounding bored.

I take a deep breath. It’s going to be one of those mornings.

“So what would you have me do, leave the office so I can run her some clothes or what? What happens to Hailey if I can’t come up there?”

“She will spend the day in ISS (In School Suspension).”

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” I shout, louder than I anticipated and no longer trying to remain calm.

“Yes maam. Are you on your way?” she replies without so much as concern in her voice.

“Oh yes, I am.” I slam the phone down.

I stare at my computer. I drive Target and purchase a pair of shorts long enough for school (which by the way…thank you fashion industry… are incredibly hard to come by). As I am headed to the school my brain is fuming. She’s worn these capris almost weekly for the last several months. They are one of her favorites to put under shorts or skirts. Today apparently her teacher had a stick lodged in her ass. I am all for following the dress code, by all means.

However, these capris are not made of spandex they are cotton, and in school suspension? Really? You are going to keep a child from learning today because of an outfit that looks like this? But I digress, if the rule is that they cannot wear spandex and her capris are made out of cotton… what is the problem? Don’t you have students failing classes or destroying property or shooting each other to worry about?

She wore denim shorts, but instead of the tights worn here, she had capris similar to the ones posted above on.